Connection Tester

Verify your connection to Online Meeting Room

Let's start with your browser test

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Browser Support
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This process is to ensure your computer or mobile device is configured properly to run successful meeting experience. This will not change or modify your computer or mobile device.

Audio/Video connectivity support:

Your browser needs WebRTC Plugin to be installed!

WebRTC is included in every modern browser. Unfortunately yours has no native support.
In order to stream or receive audio/video during a session you need to install a plugin
provided by our partner- Temasys.
Google Chrome recommended if you don't want to install.

WebRTC plugin installed! You are ready to go!
Perfect! WebRTC is supported natively by your browser.

Screen Sharing Extension:

Required only for presenters - you don't need to install this extension when attending a meeting or webinar.

Installation required in order to share your screen with other participants.
If you are not planning to share your screen you can skip this extension.

Installed! You are ready to share your desktop!
Screen Sharing is not supported by your browser!
Google Chrome recommended

If you see your video above - congratulations! Your connection is good!